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Holly Parker

Florida Regional Coordinator

I grew up moving every two years and spent most of my childhood abroad- two high schools, three middle schools, four elementary schools, five countries, two U.S. territories, and two states. My father worked for the U.S. Coast Guard, which meant that one thing was consistent- we were always near a body of water. I considered myself part fish, and spent most of my days swimming, snorkeling or boating. This blossomed into a love of our natural world and outdoor recreation. Moving from Panama to Tallahassee, Florida to attend college lead to a number of realizations: 1. You don't have to go to Central America to find breathtaking beaches, coral reefs, and wilderness areas; 2. All of these things are in imminent danger of being lost; 3. We had better speak up before it's too late! Since that realization, I've worked for the U.S. Senate, the Nature Conservancy, and now for the Surfrider Foundation!


Every morning I wake up excited to be a part of a grassroots movement that is making my home a better place to live, work and play. I am so fortunate to work with Surfrider volunteers. They are the most passionate, creative, tireless advocates for our beaches, oceans and waves. Our members are my greatest educators, my inspiration, and a constant reminder that we can accomplish great things when we work together. I hope you'll get involved with your local chapter today!