Connecting the Drops

Ian Swanson

Graphic Designer

I will never forget peeling the fiberglass off our neighbor's old longboard so that dad could shape my first board from the blank.  Or how hopelessly addicted I became after feeling the glide of a real wave for the first time, down at Trestles. Then when I scored my first toob ride at Gravels, there really was no turning back.  That crusty sunburned and surfed-out feeling as the sun goes down after a long day at the beach became something close to heaven for me.  My earliest and best memories in life are from times spent surfing at the beach with my family and friends.


Having grown up in South Orange County I have seen quite a bit of change in the last 30 years.  Some of it has been good, while most of it is seemingly bad.  I can remember a time when people used to say "Where?" when I told them Orange County.  Now, as I've watched just about every last bit of hillside, beachfront property, and open space slowly fall victim to development and its new pollutions, I see the home I know being compromised.  This is why I Iove my job.  Being part of the Surfrider Foundation gives me the unique opportunity to have a loud collective voice.  Every day I have a chance to help keep my beach, and others’, safe from pollution and unwanted development. I get to have a hand in the larger issues, while never forgetting the small things like packing my trash.  


A healthy beach promotes a healthy life.  So Join the Surfrider Foundation today, and help us keep your quality of life clean and clear.