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Jenna Holland

Direct Mail Manager

There is nothing better than a day at the beach with my kids.  My 5 year old daughter takes orders for her organic, gluten-free, sand-only restaurant; my spirited 2 year old son splashes around in the tide line squealing with pure joy; while I try to keep my 7 month old son from eating too much sand.  I’m so grateful to live near the beach and that my children will grow up beholding the pure beauty of the ocean.


I’m also grateful that I work for the Surfrider Foundation as the Direct Mail Manager. I’m the one who writes all the letters and emails asking anyone and everyone to support the Surfrider Foundation. Sometimes it’s a challenge to ask people for money, but really, it’s a special job. I get to see first hand how the Surfrider Foundation uses the generous donations from our supporters to make a real, tangible difference on our beaches. When I write our letters and emails, I write with great conviction and confidence because I know that the money I raise will protect the beach where my children play.


As I watch my kids bury their feet in the sand and as I kiss their salty little cheeks, I know that Surfrider is special.  I take great comfort in knowing that there are thousands of volunteers who give up their time and money to ensure that my kids, and kids all over the globe, are frolicking on healthy, protected beaches.  If you are a parent and you take your kids to the beach, you really have to join: Surfrider is protecting and preserving beaches for our kids today and for the children of future generations.  What more can a beach-loving mom ask for?