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John Weber

Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager

  Bodysurfing and belly boarding led to standing up on belly boards.  I graduated to a body-board with an attachable fin allowing actual surfing.  I bought my first real surfboard at age 12 that is still in the family.  Thirty years later, in 2010, I connected with the person who shaped that board.  Pretty cool.  If you stay in one place long enough, all will be revealed.
My post college real jobs were at membership-based nonprofits working on health and environmental issues.  I moved to the beach to be near the waves and volunteering for Surfrider just became part of my life.  I am so lucky that the skills I learned in my day jobs helped my Surfrider volunteer work.  I was honored to become the first employee on the East Coast. 
It's the greatest job in the world and Surfrider Foundation has challenged me and my co-workers to grow in ways I never imagined.  What I appreciate the most are all the volunteers who work so hard to grow their chapters and win local victories.