Share Your Adventure

Laura Lee

Director of Marketing and Communications

I remember my first “awe” moment while visiting family in Terrigal Beach, Australia. I saw a moray eel and blue ringed octopus in some rock pools during low tide. I was absolutely mesmerized having never seen such beautiful marine life outside of an aquarium. I knew at that moment that I wanted to help do my part in making sure that the place they call home is clean and healthy, so others can share in this amazing experience.


A few years later, my older brother introduced me to the Surfrider Foundation and inspired my dream to one day help raise funds and work for a non-profit organization.


As the Foundation’s Director of Marketing and Communications, I am living the dream. I have the honor of helping raise funds that support our campaign and program efforts by marketing partnerships and initiatives, as well as working with some of the most incredible, talented, passionate people I have ever met: my co-workers, cause partners and our volunteers…or as I call them, my friends.


My favorite part of my job is working with our supporters and awesome volunteers who dedicate endless hours on top of their full-time jobs and families to help protect our precious coasts - all while having fun, too!


Surfrider is proof that one person can make a difference and with our combined efforts we can save our oceans, waves and beaches so that future generations can share their first “awe” moment.