Be Happy

Paul Herzog

Ocean Friendly Gardens Program Coordinator

I have a B.A. in Political Science, but most of what I know is from hands-on experience. That experience includes almost fifteen years as a community organizer working on environmental and civic issues. I have learned a lot from my teachers, bosses and mentors. But the result of my work was limited in its ability to train and sustain a movement possibly because our strategy (in hindsight) lacked a way to bring the message home in a fun, hands-on and do-able way. 




Working with OFG Program partners like landscape professionals and biologists has taught me a lot about the amazing life of soil. I have come to realize that good policy ideas need to start with an understanding of what's going on beneath our feet. The OFG Program will take hold and continue to grow as the people we work take their experience and help others, like their neighbors. OFG is part of Surfrider's larger program called Know Your H2O – an integrated approach to water that combines conservation (OFG) with other "tools" such as low impact development, greywater and wastewater recycling.