Pete Stauffer

Ocean Program Manager

One of my favorite things about working for Surfrider is attending chapter meetings around the country. No matter where you are, you know you'll be welcomed by kindred spirits who share a passion for protecting oceans, waves, and beaches. To me, that's the magic of Surfrider and what makes the organization so unique and special.


In this modern age, the idea that a group of citizens working locally can make a difference may seem like an outdated notion. Indeed, the mantra of the 21st century seems to be that both problems and solutions are increasingly global. But, what's often left out is that solutions almost always begin at the local level. So if we are going to solve the many threats facing our coasts, it will need to be inspired by citizens rather than governments or corporations.


Almost ten years to the day, I still remember attending my first chapter meeting in Seattle. Too shy to say much of anything , I just sat there taking everything in.  But when the volunteer sheet was passed around, I signed up and began a long journey that has been more rewarding than I ever could have imagined.


So here's a call to all of you....if you haven't done so already, take that first step and get involved with your local chapter!