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Ryan Johnson

Staff Accountant

As a young surfer, I experienced early on how the powers of the coast always offered something in return, even on days with ankle-biter waves and overcast skies. I made my first connection between environmental stewardship and my own personal ocean use when, in high school, my biology teacher explained the history and significance of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill. These were the same waters I learned how to surf in as a kid, which inspired me to join our campus environmental club and become more informed and involved on these issues.


Fast forward to today, I now manage the Foundation’s grassroots finances and assist the controller. I have the privilege of applying my own skills in a workplace that exists solely to promote and protect coastal recreation and its environmental health. I work with some of the most intelligent, passionate staff and activists who wear the mission on their sleeves and with a clear vision for coastal victories around the globe. From my experience, Surfrider does this amazing thing of confronting serious coastal issues—oftentimes with little resources available—while at the same time being relentlessly steady and unpretentious in the work. It's quite inspiring and contagious.


In my personal life, the experience and discipline of surfing is still one of my favorites. I also enjoy building my ocean enthusiast resumé with sailing, regattas, travel on our coastlines, island camping, and diving. As a dad of twins, I now spend a lot of time with my kids at the beach. If the coast is also your playground or you are a stakeholder of our coastal resources in other ways, join us in our effort to help protect our world’s oceans, waves, and beaches. You can plug into the Surfrider Foundation at any level, such as becoming a member today, and finding ways to get involved locally.