Be Happy

Stefanie Sekich-Quinn

California Policy Manager

I was born and raised in Colorado and spent most of my childhood hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains.  As cliché as it sounds, growing up around mountains helped me form a deep appreciation for nature at a young age.   As I grew older, I physically sought out nature in order to deepen my appreciation of the natural world. I began rock climbing, backpacking, river rafting, and traveling around the world to ‘be in nature’.  When I moved to Seattle I found myself falling head-over-heels with the coast and ocean.  Since then (13 years and counting), I have lived along the west coast (except when I moved to England for graduate school – but hey, it’s an island!).


Having spent the past 15 years working on environmental issues, I think the ocean is the last, blue frontier for environmentalism.  For several decades, much of the focus has been on land and other terrestrial issues.  Fortunately, coastal issues are beginning to receive more attention, and subsequently we have seen more measures to protect ocean resources.


For those of us who love and use the ocean, it's incumbent upon us to build a movement of concerned citizens who will speak up for ocean protection.  There are several ways to get involved with your local Chapter  (whether it’s licking envelopes, participating in a beach cleanup or by attending a City Council meeting).  Join us!