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April 09 2013

Roz Savage Interview

Roz Savage has paddled more than 15,000 miles by herself across the worlds largest oceans. Hear her story via a podcast with Surfrider's Jim Moriarty.

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March 07 2013

Bonnie and Michael Interview

Bonnie Harvey and Michael Houlihan were pioneers of what was eventually called "cause marketing." They started out more than 25 years ago, the same time Surfrider was created, and quickly hitched their Barefoot wine wagon to Surfrider and we're glad they did. We love the Barefoot partnership, listen in to how it was born.

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May 01 2012

Marie Contassot Interview

Marie Contassot started out with Surfrider Europe and has worked with us at HQ for the past few months. But her perspective goes well beyond those two continents. I sat down to hear her story and views of the various places in the world, how they are all connected and intersect with our mission. Listen in.

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April 01 2012

Jake Grubb Interview

Jake Grubb, Surfrider's second leader, shares some memories of the early 1990s.

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March 01 2012

Michael Blum Interview

This is the story of a surfer with a purpose. We trace the story of his upbringing in Florida to the helm of the Malibu Surfing Association. The single word that comes to mind when I think of Michael is "intentional." Listen in as we catch up on the evening of our recent Wavemaker Awards.

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February 07 2012

Peter Douglas Interview

It would be difficult to point to a person other than Peter Douglas that has done more to preserve the California Coast. Peter was steeped in purpose from his youth. Listen in to one of the most important stories in coastal conservation on the planet.

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September 29 2011

Gaston Caminata Interview

Gaston runs a Surfrider chapter in Southern Argentina. He is about as surf-stoked as a person can be. I caught up with him on his way back from Bali, in-between day trips to Trestles and looking for a connection to Cortez Bank. This is his story.

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September 01 2011

Charlie Plybon Interview

Charlie's story is east coast / west coast, sampling what the oceans have to offer and then shifting his life to protect them. Listen in to our Oregon Field Manager, Charlie Plybon.

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August 07 2011

Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden Interview

Michael Stewart and Kevin Whilden are trying to change the world. They've been active in Surfrider's network for a while but wanted to go deeper. Specifically they're tired of toxic surfboards... they want an alternative... but even that's not enough. They want ALL surfers to have an alternative. This is that story, I love the direction they are going in and our activist network is sure to embrace these guys as well. The phrase "refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle" takes on new meaning with them. Listen in as we catch up on a Friday evening at Swamis.

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June 06 2011

Dave Rauschkolb Interview

Dave Rauschkolb is a man with a mission. He's a Seaside, Florida local who owns three restaurants. You might think that's enough, but when he heard of Florida's upcoming decision for expanded offshore drilling he decided to draw a line in the sand and join hands with others. He started Hands Across the Sand a few months prior to the Deepwater Horizon disaster. He and I caught up in downtown San Clemente.

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May 01 2011

Julie Goldstein Interview

Julie's story paints an arc from Long Beach Island, New Jersey to Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. Her story begins with an ocean connection, includes a chapter which burns to the ground and then resurfaces... recreated in a new, color-steeped form. I caught up with Julie in her studio as she was picking out a piece for the San Diego chapter Art Gala, listen in.

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March 31 2011

Sean Ahlum Interview

I wanted to reach out to Sean and capture his story because it offers an evolutionary look into Surfrider Foundation. Sean was involved as a chapter member in North Carolina and became a member of our Board of Directors a few years ago. We sat down and captured the story that led to his involvement at the local level and also captured what the Board of Surfrider does throughout the year. Listen in as Sean and I catch up.

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February 28 2011

Paul Herzog Interview

Many of us have known for years not to pour paint or anything toxic down storm drains. What we might not know is that nothing should go down those storm drains. That's the case because everything that goes down the storm drain many times goes straight into our oceans. This includes fertilizers or anything we use in our yards. The Ocean Friendly Garden concept was born a few years ago and has since bloomed naturally all over. I caught up with Paul Herzog a few weeks ago while standing in my front yard. Listen in.

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January 31 2011

Robin Brower-McBride Interview

Surfrider's mission focuses on the place the land meets the ocean and so we care about anything that's coming from the land and going into the water. Many of us take prescription drugs and those pharmaceuticals pass through our body but we rarely stop to think about what happens to them at that point. Robin Brower-McBride and I caught up at Surfrider's hq in San Clemente to talk about this subject. Her experience with both the pharmaceutical industry and active within Surfrider gives her the perspective to share some detail on a subject that intersects most people living near the coast. Listen in.

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December 31 2010

Joe Mairo Interview

Every staph infection story I've heard is nasty... including this one. That said I think these ARE stories that need to be told... heard. Joe Mairo is you. He's me. He's all of us. He's going about his life, finding his place to add value to the world and enjoying his natural surroundings. When I spoke to him I felt like I was hearing a story that could have been told by any of us. All of us are beachgoers. All of us are spending some percent of our lives in around ocean water. Listen to Joe's story as it could be yours. We caught up on Long Beach Island in New Jersey.

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November 30 2010

John Weber Interview

Programs like The Jersey Shore are pushed out to tens of millions of people and paint a region in horrifically shallow ways. It is not the Jersey shore... it's a TV program designed to... actually I'm not sure what it's purpose is. Enter John Weber. John Weber is, at least to me, the New Jersey shore. I say that because he spent is formidable summers there and now, as an adult, has oriented is life around helping preserve them. I've wanted to capture his story for a while and he and I recently caught up on the beach in Long Beach Island.

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October 31 2010

Hiromi Matsubara Interview

Hiromi Matsubara reminds me of Eddie Aikau (of the famous "Eddie would go"). Like Eddie, Hiromi is about more than charging waves. She shares a love for their surroundings and an appreciation for the priceless things in life. She has also been one of the key players with Surfrider Japan over the past few years. I caught up with Hiromi driving back from southeastern Japan after the recent international conference. Listen in.

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September 30 2010

Pete Stauffer Interview

If there is a category for the thinking-mans activist, Pete Stauffer is smack dab in the middle of it. He's Surfrider DNA through and through; he's volunteered for three different chapters (on three different coasts), he interned for Senator Kevin Ranker (when Kevin was still Wookie, running Surfrider in Washington state) and he is usually just out of the water or just about to head to the water. If these attributes aren't enough he can hang with Washington DC beltway types, drink beers with the Pacific Northwest flannel-shirt crew and lead the dialog with representatives from alternative ocean energy companies. Pete's the real deal and we are stoked to have him on our team. Listen in as Pete and I caught up at hq in late September, 2010.

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August 31 2010

Mike Sturdivant Interview

File this one under "Activists in the Gulf." You can think of Mike Sturdivant as our Gulf of Mexico point person. He's Chair of the Emerald Coast Surfrider Chapter which is in the Pensacola to Panama City region. I caught up with him on August 2nd to get his read on what had happened, how it was affecting the local people and environment and what was ahead for them. Listen in as we catch up, walking the beach just past a permanent sign warning for oil and dispersant contamination.

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July 31 2010

Jake Moss Interview

Jake Moss has a vision. His vision is surfboards can offer high performance AND with a much lower environmental footprint. I like that about him... I like that commitment to creating something better without discounting a major attribute like performance. What I like even more is that he views this as a journey and he's willing to share and learn at every stage of the trip. If you think about those two things, sustainability and surfboard performance, then this podcast is for you.

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