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June 30 2010

Tristan Prettyman and Jason Mraz Interview

Tristan Prettyman and Jason Mraz are no strangers to Surfrider Foundation. About a year ago, Tristan connected with our Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project and helped transform what some people would call work into what most people would call an awesome time! Meanwhile, Jason has participated in our annual Celebrity Expression Session held in Malibu and was recently honored by our San Diego chapter. I knew they’ve both been connected with us but wanted to know where their love of oceans, waves and beaches came from. We caught up on the rocks at Swamis in Encinitas and then enjoyed a few small summer peelers.

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April 30 2010

Stiv Wilson Interview

I met Stiv a few years ago up in Portland. It was immediately clear that he was dialed into the local eco-braintrust. I knew Stiv was one of the people behind Wend, the brainy action sports / adventure publication, and the more I found out about him the more I was impressed. He's one of those people that gets more and more interesting the more you invest in getting to know him. And when I heard he was working with fellow Pacific Gyre mavens, Anna and Marcus, to head to the other five ocean gyres, I knew I had to find a time to connect with him and hear more about what he's doing. Here it is, Stiv Wilson and I catching up at Surfrider's HQ a few weeks ago.

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March 31 2010

Jerry Collamer Interview

I love the stories behind what drives people to activism. I don't think any of us are "born" activists... it's the events of our lives that change us, that shape us... that demand something more of us than perhaps we thought we'd be comfortable with. The Save Trestles story is really the sum of many, smaller stories. At the center of this decade-long campaign is people like Jerry Collamer. In fact I'd argue that at the center IS Jerry Collamer. I sat down with Jerry on a bluff overlooking the last clean watershed in Southern California. I'm humbled to be near people like Jerry because of what they've done with their lives. Jerry has a legacy... and it's beautiful. Listen in.

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February 28 2010

Chris Christenson Interview

When I think of the words "craftsmen" and "surfboard" I immediately jump to Chris Christenson. Chris approaches surfboards with a holistic view. He not only performs every step involved in shaping, glassing and finishing but he also brings a modern visual design aesthetic that makes one think his boards should be hung in a gallery instead of ridden. That said, Chris wants his boards ridden. They may be art, but they are designed to be functional art not solely-aesthetic art. A recent proof point of this was in last month's Surfer magazine--the cover showed Greg Long, winning the Eddie, on a board designed and crafted by Chris. I caught up with him in his shaping bay. Listen in.

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January 31 2010

J.P. Holeman Interview

J.P. is a custom surfboard shaper in Southern California. I sought him out for a few reasons. I wanted to hear his perspective on how his world has changed since Clark Foam shut it's doors. I also wanted to hear his view on the experimentation and variety that we're seeing with surfboard design. Most of all I wanted to connect with him and understand how he has altered his worldview and his approach to living and shaping with the least environmental impact possible. Listen in as we catch up just south of Oceanside Pier... on the beach.

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December 31 2009

Drew Brophy Interview

Drew is one of those people that follows his passion with vigor and creates a life around that. His intersection with our mission goes all the way back to his roots on the east coast as a kid. On this podcast he walks thorough the various chapters and layers of his life: surf, art and family. There is an image on the wall of his office that encapsulates him for me. It's not one of his works (although, it could be), and it hover's above Maria Brophy's desk. It's an other-worldly day at Todos Santos and he's smack dab in the middle of it all. Listen in as we talk about his story.

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November 30 2009

Julie Lawson Interview

Everything about this podcast fascinated me. The Washington DC chapter is one of the few non-coastal chapters in our network. Julie Lawson and the DC crew have created muscle that is not only tied into the local watershed and the distant beach, but also the federal government around them. Lastly, rather than working to pass a blatant plastic bag ban, the DC chapter worked with other groups to tie the plastics issue to economics. Julie and I sat down and walked through these issues and a few others. Don't let her humility fool you, this woman is a rock star.

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October 31 2009

Manase Mansur Interview

I first came to know Manase as a constant fixture at the San Diego Chapter meetings. He was always engaged and always adding value. About a year ago he left Southern California for his third tour of Iraq. When I heard he was back, safe and sound, I was thrilled. When I heard how he had taken our Rise Above Plastics campaign into the desert and architected a large-scale recycling program within the world's armed forces... I was blown away. There are many levels to this man, I tried to capture one or two on this podcast.

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September 30 2009

Rory Wicks Interview

Rory almost died a month ago. I'm serious. He caught MRSA, a multi- resistant staph infection and... almost died. That story was the hook that made me want to podcast this story. That story is a cliff-hanger with, thank God, a positive ending. But the truth is that I was overdue for a podcast with Rory independent of that story. Listen in and hear the rest of his story...hear how he's been hip-deep in the coastal environmental movement since before it was even called "environmental." Hear his advice for upcoming surfers.

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August 31 2009

Robb Havassy Interview

When I think of Rob Havassy a few things come to mind. He loves color. He surfs better than you. He is a tireless supporter of Surfrider Foundation’s mission. We caught up on the beach at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach. We spoke about these things and as well as his ambitious new project Surf Story. Listen in.

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July 31 2009

Marty Fujita and Taylor and Dana Cook Interview

As I hit the "stop" button on my ipod Marty said, "I hope people realize we're all in this boat together. The thing that connects us all is Mother Ocean, and she doesn't recognize political boundaries." This was a perfect umbrella statement for the time we spent together catching up on the beach at Rincon. Marty's story takes her from Venice to Huntington Beach to Costa Rica to Indonesia and then she really started to travel. I love this podcast as half way through our framing her story her 15 year old twins joined us. Dana and Taylor Cook offered a wonderful perspective on what we're all trying to do... change the world. We know it's the next generation who will take the torch. Their perspective added an unexpected special color to this podcast. Listen in.

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July 15 2009

Norman Ollestad Interview

The On The Beach podcast series exists to explore our connections to oceans, waves and beaches from as many perspectives as possible. When I saw the photo of a dad surfing with a one year old on his back... I was taken in. It was Norman Ollestad Sr. surfing Topanga with his tiny young son Norman Ollestad on his back. I'm guessing not too many people out there have similar photos of themselves with their father. Crazy for the Storm is the tender, heart-warming... tragic, heart-wrenching story of these two people. It was just released and is already on the NYT best seller list... but my interest in talking with Norman was to understand a bit more of the back story to this photo, growing up around Malibu and how the ocean shaped his life. Listen in as I caught up with Norman, on the beach, at Topanga.

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June 30 2009

Michelle Duval Interview

Michelle was born in the Midwest and in her early years she put in motion a trajectory toward the ocean. Was it her early experiences with the Great Lakes that piqued her coastal interest or was it those smelly crabs and shells she put in her mom's trunk? Fast forward a few years, now with a Ph.D. in marine ecology at the Duke University Marine Lab, and her life vector is set. Listen in as we talk through her early years, how and where she connected to the coastlines, what her views are on fisheries and finally her role on the Surfrider Foundation Board of Directors.

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June 15 2009

Neil Lazarow Interview

Kirra is a wave that brings certain images into people's minds. For me it's an image of Rabbit Bartholomew on a wave so perfect it's been drawn on kids notebooks and he's deep. On a recent trip to Australia to work with our affiliate I met up with another name that should be near that same level of recognition, Neil Lazarow. Neil has been studying this wave and the various man-made issues that formed it, then formed the Superbank and then formed the Superbeach. This is a dredging-gone-awry story, one that's worth hearing. Perhaps even more interesting is Neil's back story, how he came to this spot in his life and where he sees himself going next. I asked Neil for the Kirra story but what I got was something even more powerful.

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May 31 2009

Dan Murphy Interview

A few years ago I did the San Diego / Tijuana watershed tour with the crew from WildCoast and it was eye opening. The amount of trash, the intensity of toxicity and the fact that it all flows into a state park... left an imprint on my brain that won't go away. The Imperial Beach area has issues; pollution, run-off, trash, beach closures... their cup overflows... with sewage. I caught up with Dan Murphy the other morning to capture his story and how it's now intersecting the border region.

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May 15 2009

Rogan Gregory and Scott Hahn Interview

I first learned of Rogan a few years back when he provided an artwork for the first Art for the Oceans auction. Loomstate, the label he founded with Scott Hahn, also provided tshirts for the event that were among the softest, best tshirts I've ever worn (we still get requests for them). The reason I mention this is that the shirts were sourced from certified organic cotton. Loomstate is to fashion what Patagonia is to sports. They are early adopters, they are influencers, they are mavens. I was intrigued with them from the second I heard about them and every interaction I've had since has made me understand how their vision for their brand overlaps with Surfrider's mission. We caught up on Venice Boulevard over lunch.

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April 30 2009

Michael Rhodes Interview

I can't remember the first time I met Michael Rhodes but something tells me it was in the water. He's a local at 15th Street in Del Mar, California. He's also a powerhouse and senior partner at Cooley Godward Kronish, providing principal commercial litigation counsel to influential companies including eBay and Skype. We didn't talk about any of this...we talked about how he got there, why he loves the oceans and why he has directed his time, energy, services and money toward our Surfrider mission. Listen in.

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April 15 2009

Dick Baker Interview

Dick Baker has a unique perspective on things. As a veteran of such brands as Esprit and Tommy Hilfiger this San Clemente denizen and former New York resident has a bicoastal and multifacted view of the retail world. He came into the surf industry from the outside and quickly rose to the top insider position as leader of the industry's trade association. All the while he has had a hand on the wheel at the Surfrider Foundation - helping to guide us from time to time and helping us to connect in a meaningful way. Listen in as I catch up with Dick at the Surfrider Foundation global offices in San Clemente.

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March 31 2009

Rick Erkeneff Interview

Rick Erkeneff. Artist. Activist. Father. Surfer. Salt Creek local. Entrepreneur. Husband. Chapter Chairman. Goofyfoot. We met at Salk Creek and talked story. Here's his story. Listen up.

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March 15 2009

Stefanie Sekich Interview

Before I joined the Surfrider Foundation, I sought out Stefanie Sekich to understand her perspective on things. Stefanie is a force within our San Diego Chapter, and it was clear she was a key player. Fast forward a couple years and she was as the backbone of the Save Trestles campaign. Today, Stefanie is one of the leading forces on Marine Protected Areas at the Surfrider Foundation. I've wanted to capture her story for a long time, and on a crisp day in March we caught up at Swamis.

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