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February 28 2009

Bob Mignogna Interview

Bob Mignogna grew up in New York City and moved to Hawaii after reading a Drew Kampion story on the north shore. He later ran Surfing Magazine and in the past few years acted as one of the key enablers to get the surfing industry involved in the Trestles campaign. If you work in the surf industry chances are you've received a notable number of emails from Bob with updates and calls to action regarding Trestles. I wanted to hear more of the back story on all those things so we recorded a podcast on the beach at Cottons.

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February 15 2009

Dr. Marcus Eriksen and Anna Cummins Interview

Lots of people have heard about the garbage patch, a plastic-soup in the middle of the Pacific Ocean the size of Texas. On this podcast I catch up with two researchers at Algalita. Dr. Marcus Eriksen, one of the two on the podcast, also has the notoriety of being one of the two people to sail a junk craft (made up of 15,000 plastic bottles) from LA to HI last year. He's joined by Anna Cummins who will join him on a Vancouver to Mexico bike ride this summer. The ride is oriented towards bringing the message to the masses about the perils of plastics and how they are having massive impact on our oceans. We caught up at Surfrider's hq in San Clemente.

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January 31 2009

Fernando Aguerre Interview

Lots of people know Fernando as the front man for Reef Sandals. They may also know he's a Wind-an-Sea local and has a board collection that makes most mortals drool. What they might not know is his life story, growing up in Mar Del Plata, Argentina and eventually being the driving force behind starting Surfrider Argentina. He and I caught up on a trip home from San Francisco. Seeing he's such a world traveler I thought it would be apropos to capture a podcast in the SFO airport. Listen in (listener discretion advised, I'm kidding... sorta).

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January 15 2009

Rob “Birdlegs” Caughlan Interview

Rob's history intersects Surfrider greatly but, as he puts it, perhaps mostly because he was the only guy with a collared shirt and a few neckties. He was President of this fine organization a few years back and, on this podcast, shares his views on our history. He and I caught up walking the Pillar Point harbor at Half Moon Bay in Northern California.

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December 31 2008

Brad Farmer Interview

Brad has led a storied life. He's been arrested by the KGB. He was the force behind starting Surfrider Australia. If that's not enough he and Rabbit created the concept of "National Surfing Reserves" about 17 years ago and it's a concept that is catching on in Australia. He and I caught up walking the shores of Pillar Point (Mavericks) at a Save The Waves conference where we met to talk about taking his concept, via Save The Waves, around the world. Listen in.

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December 15 2008

Cobi Emery Interview

When Cobi was ten years old he decided to create a video instead of write an essay. For a subject of the video he decided to turn to something he loved and something that bugged him... Surfing and trash. What followed was "Pick up 3" a video about he and his buddies commitment to pick up three pieces of trash as they leave the ocean after a surf. This then thrust him into Surfing Magazine as a green leader. He's 14 now and I caught up with him at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar, California. He told me the back story to the video and why his foot was bleeding as we talked and watched the sun set.

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November 30 2008

Glenn Suba Interview

From South Africa to England to Western Australia to Brazil, Glenn's connection with our coasts and oceans transcends national boundaries.

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November 15 2008

Mark Massara Interview

The defining moment in Mark Massara's life came early. From that point forward he's been a driver, an engine and increasingly an icon in California's coastal conservation movement. We caught a few minutes in-between the marathon testimony at the Secretary of Commerce hearings for San Onofre State Park/Save Trestles. Listen in, this man defines the intersection of wisdom and action.

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October 31 2008

Gilles Asenjo Interview

When Gilles was two years old he crawled into the ocean. Today he's President of Surfrider Foundation Europe. In between he grew up in the gorgeous Côte Basque region of France and became a French surfing champion. This podcast walks through the formation of Surfrider Europe and lends some depth to how our mission has taken root (and flourished) throughout Europe.

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October 15 2008

Bobby Shriver Interview

Bobby Shriver was on the California State Park and Recreation Commission until recently when his brother-in-law, Arnold Schwarzenegger, chose not to reappoint him (due to Bobby's stance against the proposed Toll road through a state park). He's also on the Santa Monica City Council and co-founded DATA and Project Red with Bono. Listen in as we catch up walking his dog in Santa Monica.

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September 30 2008

Brian Wilson Interview

"It was Pet Sounds that blew me out of the water. I love the album so much. I've just bought my kids each a copy of it for their education in life." -- Paul McCartney. When you think of music and think of the beach what comes to mind? I'm guessing your short list will include Brian Wilson, I know mine does. Brian and I chatted about his growing up in coastal California, his music and the full revolution of a California experience he's had.

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September 15 2008

Ellis Pickett Interview

Ellis was one of the drivers that put Surfrider on the map in the great state of Texas. In fact, for the past ten years he's been our go-to man for all things Texas. Ten years ago there was no Surfrider presence and today there are four vibrant chapters. In a land whose ocean boundaries triple every other state's and a state with perhaps the most progressive beach access policy, this means a lot. I caught up with Ellis on the steps of the Capital in Austin, during a break from the Texas Regional Conference. Listen up.

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August 31 2008

Chris Keys Interview

Surfrider's volunteer Chief Financial Officer (CFO) extraordinaire for almost 15 years, Chris belongs to a select, small group of people who are most responsible for Surfrider's growth and increasing success.

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August 15 2008

Ximena Waissbluth Interview

Ximena Waissbluth, originally from Chile, is to single-use plastics as Al Gore is to Global Warming. That is, she took the subject of single-use plastics, built a straightforward presentation around it and took it on the road. She will deliver her 75th presentation of this by the time you're listening to this podcast. Ximena, thanks for taking our mission and seeking to accomplish it in ways that are outside our existing boundaries.

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July 31 2008

Darryl Hatheway Interview

Darryl Hatheway is one of those people that keeps popping up. He was on Capital Hill serving as a Surfrider liaison during the critical time period of the BEACH Bill introduction and passage. He was instrumental in the creation and maturing of the DC Chapter. Now he has moved from the Beltway to Encinitas and has his sights set on surfing Beacons and Stone Steps as much as possible. Listen in to hear a few chapters of our history as told by Darryl himself. Recorded in mid-July on the beach at Swami's.

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July 15 2008

Michelle Kremer and Ed Mazzarella Interview

Ed Mazzarella and Michelle Kremer have been with Surfrider Foundation for a long time. Ed was first and Michelle came on about a year later, each has been here about 15 years. Listen in as you hear their view on what has transpired, how things were during the double-live-gonzo years and where we're going. Oh... and if there are people, living people, that know more about grassroots organizing and law... we have yet to meet them.

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May 31 2008

Pierce Flynn Interview

Pierce was one of our maverick Executive Directors. He was the visionary and executor behind getting us onto MTV, Baywatch and the insane MOM albums. His story is worth hearing... especially in his own voice with his own tone, lexicon and stoke. Push play and enter the world of Pierce.

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May 15 2008

Julia Chunn Interview

Julia was born and bred in San Diego, became smitten with the ocean while perching on the front of her dad's longboard as a kid, came up through the ranks of the San Diego chapter, went on to lead the San Diego chapter and is now moving to Australia to take the top slot at Surfrider Australia. Wow.

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April 30 2008

Randy Rarick Interview

Randy has been to Africa 50 times. He was pushed into his first wave by Rabbit Kekai. He's been THE man for contests on the North Shore since they started. He's also been a major supporter and force for Surfrider Foundation, especially with professional surfers. I caught up with Randy on the beach at Haleiwa Beach park as the canoes were coming in and the sun was going down.

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April 15 2008

Glenn Hening Interview

I caught up with the Glenn Hening at the Seventh Annual Groundswell Society Conference. The conference covered surfing arts, science and issues and in some ways it reflects the singular person that Glenn is. Listen up as we cover everything from wave forecasting in the 40s to a Cousteau Society for surfers.

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