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March 31 2008

Shaun Tomson Interview

Shaun Tomson is perhaps the most eloquent professional surfer in history. But he's more than that. Shaun has had deep involvement with our campaigns and programs stretching back multiple decades... and he's not letting up. Just last year he probably logged a thousand miles going to and from various events that in some way benefited our mission. There is a phrase used in our inner circle, "constant pressure, endlessly applied". It's used to describe our need for consistent engagement. Shaun is "constant support, endlessly applied". It's always a pleasure to sit down and catch up with Shaun, this time we caught up at Butterfly Beach in Montecito, California.

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March 16 2008

Paul Naudé Interview

Paul Naudé, President of Billabong USA, has been a supporter of Surfrider for as long as we can remember. Beyond that he's shown great leadership in not only bringing environmental awareness into the surf industry but also putting his money where his mouth is. Paul is usually a man of few words but in this podcast he shares his life story with the detail that paints a picture of an aware and involved global citizen. My favorite part of this podcast is about 30 minutes into the conversation when I ask him about the environmental part of his story and in an almost anticlimactic moment Paul shares in a matter of fact tone "look, if you're a surfer you notice clean water and dirty water" and succinctly paints how straightforward surfers should see environmental issues.

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February 29 2008

Mark Babski Interview

Few people reflect the Surfrider brand with as much accuracy as Mark Babski: global citizen yet locally integrated, highly educated yet accessible and down to earth, politically astute yet environmentally conscious, a listener and yet the first person to act. Mark has been around Surfrider for the last 15 years. He has seen a lot here and held a lot of it together over the years. I sat down with Mark on a blustery February day on a San Clemente beach. Listen in.

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February 14 2008

Scott Werney and Marvin Heskett Interview

Scott Werney and Marvin Heskett from the Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter, recorded at Point Panic. Any time you land in Hawai'i it feels special. From the lava fields of the big island to the insane Napali Coast of Kaua'i... to the ledging waves on Oahu's North Shore. I caught up with Scott Werny and Marvin Heskett from Surfrider's O'ahu chapter and heard an update on what is happening on the "Gathering Place", the third largest Hawaiian Island. We sat at Point Panic, watched the sun set and talked story.

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January 31 2008

Ericka D’Avanzo Interview

Few people have accomplished in their lives what Ericka has in the two years she's been in Florida. To the wonderful and growing web of Floridian activists, Ericka is their glue, their mentor and their champion. Listen up; this is the sound of activism... redlining.

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January 15 2008

TJ Marshall Interview

Action-central in Miami is TJ Marshall's roving car; packed with development blueprints he is watchdogging, a 6-something thruster to nab that ephemeral swell and a sticker on the rear window reading "Surfing is not a crime". TJ is "on it" in so many ways, figuring out how to cobble together ad-hoc enviro strategies in midst of beach high rises. Maybe we should call him TJ MacGyver.

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December 31 2007

Mara Dias Interview

Mara Dias, Surfrider Foundation Water Quality Coordinator, on the steps somewhere in San Clemente, CA. Mara plays in a worldbeat/Brazil samba band. Mara testifies in front of the House and Senate. Mara lives, eats and surfs in the majestic eastern shores of Long Island. Mara is Surfrider DNA through and through.

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December 15 2007

Alberto Figari

Alberto Figari, Chair of Lima (Peru) Chapter Organizing Committee, somewhere in San Clemente, CA. Alberto is just like the rest of us; he grew up in Peru, he surfs lefts like Gerry, he presided over the famed Club Waikiki and he is up to his waist in environmental activist issues. No, he's not like any of us. He and a few others are the archetypal environmental leaders in South America... and we're not.

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November 30 2007

Chris Tola Interview

Adrian Nelson, Chair of Vancouver (Canada) Chapter Organizing Committee, at San Onofre, CA. Adrian is one of a few people that are a leading force in addressing the lagging sewage treatment processes in Vancouver, Canada. Listen in and hear his story and how he ended up our coverboy for the recent activist issue of Making Waves.

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November 30 2007

June Vanderstar Interview

June Vanderstar, Membership Coordinator of Vancouver (Canada) Chapter Organizing Committee, at San Onofre, CA. June Vanderstar finds the ocean larger than life. From fear of the ocean to finding peace by the ocean. This is her story, what the challenges have been in her region and what lies ahead.

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November 15 2007

Chris Tola Interview

Chris sits down at San O and shares the long and winding road which has brought him to become the new Chair of Board of Directors for Surfrider Australia.

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October 16 2007

Ed Schlegel Interview

Ed Schlegel, a leader in the Save Trestles fight, at San Onofre, CA. One of my all-time favorite Surfrider pictures is Governor Schwarzenegger, a surfboard packed full of signatures... and Ed. That photo encapsulates Surfrider Foundation, so does Ed.

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September 16 2007

“Dr.” Rick Wilson Interview

They say still water runs deep, that applied to Rick Wilson. Rick is perhaps the least vocal of the staffers at the San Clemente Surfrider HQ and yet he probably also publishes more than anyone. He's the author of the State of the Beach and has lots of fingerprints on the Coastal A – Z. Listen in... And learn about his run ins with John-the-law at Trestles back in the day before it was accessible.

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September 01 2007

Marco Gonzales Interview

Anyone living in San Diego with at least a remote interest in coastal environmentalism has heard of Marco. Marco is the activists activist as he's willing to go to the mat at any given time for what he believes in. Check out his past, present and future.

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August 15 2007

Dr. Bill Rosenblatt Interview

Bill "Doc" Rosenblatt talks about growing up on the New Jersey shore, his strong involvement with local issues, a decade-long position as Mayor, and his endless involvement with Surfrider.

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July 31 2007

Linwood Pendleton Interview

Linwood Pendleton: professor at UCLA, lives on a boat, surfs New Hampshire in the winter and understands the water quality challenges and opportunities at the highest possible level. Caught up with him on a secluded beach in Penang, Malaysia.

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July 15 2007

Brian Ostrow Interview

It takes a cul-de-sac to change the world. Berryfield Court has stepped up, what about yours?

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June 30 2007

Terry Gibson Interview

Terry Gibson has reach. He's lived, breathed, surfed and fished in Florida for his entire life. His story touches on the degradation of that environment as well as the stellar work being done to fight on behalf of Florida's coast.

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June 15 2007

MacKenzie Steiner Interview

A six year old girl leads her pals in beach clean ups with virtually no prompting from her parents. While I don't "do" kids birthday parties, sitting down with MacKenzie Steiner and talking coastal conservation was that month's highlight for me.

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May 31 2007

Larry and Blake McElheny Interview

The father and son duo behind saving the Pupukea Paumalu successful land acquisition.

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