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Last year, Surfrider Foundation and our partners successfully stopped the federal government's plans for offshore drilling and related seismic blasting off the Atlantic coast (read more). However, the Trump Administration and Congress are expected to again propose offshore drilling in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and Arctic.

New offshore drilling would damage the marine ecosystem and put coastal communities at risk from oil spills. That's why Surfrider is doubling down on our efforts to ensure that new oil rigs will never be approved in U.S. waters. 

Please join Surfrider’s efforts to stop new offshore drilling!

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Join us in asking our federal leaders to protect U.S. coastlines from new offshore drilling. With decisions scheduled to be made this year, it's a crucial time to make your voice heard!  

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Surfrider #SignTheBoard Campaign

Make it known loud and clear that our ocean, waves and beaches are vital recreational, economic and ecological treasures and that new drilling and seismic testing in the ocean is Not The Answer.

Join Us In Standing Against Big Oil! Sign the Virtual Board to Show Your Support.

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Learn the facts about offshore driling – what the impacts are and how you can make a difference. Visit Beachapedia

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  • Sign the action alert on offshore drilling and share it.
  • Participate in Hands Across the Sand on May 20st.
  • Call or write your federal reps to ask them to oppose new offshore drilling & seismic exploration.
  • Get involved with your local Surfrider chapter or other community activities.
  • Particpate in ocean planning to establish protections for our marine environment.
  • Support Surfrider’s Protect The Atlantic campaign. Donate today and help us protect our coasts from new drilling and seismic testing.

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Upcoming Events

May 10-: Blue Vision Summit/ DC Lobby Day
Come to Washington D.C. for the Blue Vision Summit and ask our federal leaders to protect the Atlantic!
May 20-: Hands Across the Sand
Join hands to say NO to offshore drilling & YES to clean energy

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Learn the facts!

Visit our Beachapedia website for more information about offshore drilling and seismic testing.

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For decades our coasts were protected from new offshore oil drilling. However in 2008, President Bush and Congress lifted the federal moratoria on new offshore drilling making our nation’s coastlines vulnerable to the expansion of oil and gas development.

Congress later followed suit by allowing a federal ban on drilling to expire. Now, decision makers at the state and federal levels are examining ways to capitalize on the lifted moratoria and erect new platforms along our coastlines.

With our ocean targeted for new offshore drilling, our network of chapters across the country is striking back! Our chapters and staff are advocating for legislation and agency decisions that will prohibit the exploration, development, or production of oil and gas in state and federal waters.

Thanks for your support!