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Nobody likes to see trash on the beach and much of that litter ends up in the ocean polluting the seas and harming marine life.
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Beach cleanups can reduce litter, protect our ocean and raise awareness about litter and plastic pollution.

The Surfrider Foundation’s chapter & youth club network conducts beach cleanups throughout the West, East, Gulf, Hawaiian and Puerto Rican Coasts. Our National Beach Cleanup program provides a fun and easy way to volunteer and engage with our mission to protect our ocean, waves and beaches. Volunteers of all ages, community groups, tourists, clubs, local and corporate businesses and elected officials around the country contribute to the success of this program and are essential to keep our beaches and coastline clean.

This year we have set some ambitious goals to reduce plastic pollution on our beaches.


2018 Program Goals

  • Conduct 1,500 beach cleanups
  • Remove 150,000 pounds of trash
  • Engage 30,000 volunteers
  • 100% participation from our chapter network to utilize our new data tracking tool


Proudly Supported by Cliff

By supporting Surfrider’s beach cleanup goals, Clif Bar is honoring their 'protect where we play’ mantra and commitment by supporting the Surfrider Foundation’s National Beach Cleanup program.

Surfrider does more beach cleanups over the course of the year than any other organization. With Clif Bar’s support, Surfrider has the capacity to harness the collective power of this volunteer-driven action.  

We have built a collection tool that will allow our networks to catalog the data collected at beach cleanups by weight and types of trash. The collection tool will unify the outputs and allow reliable metrics for measuring our success. The quantitative beach cleanup data will drive participation and inform the Surfrider Foundation’s efforts to reduce plastic pollution through behavior change, promoting alternatives and policy efforts, like California’s recent single-use bag ban.


Participating helps to:

  • Protect our coastlines, waves and beaches
  • Policy changes that lead to coastal victories
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle and consumer choices
  • Raise awareness about the pollution impacting our beaches

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