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A great College/University Project on Plastics

The project aims to use the concept of a plastic footprint — like a carbon footprint — as a way of stimulating change in the way the world deals with an important but problematic resource.

Berkeley students are tracking where the plastic goes after it’s tossed or put into a recycling bin — most often, into a landfill, onto a boat for recycling overseas or into streams and oceans. The audit will pinpoint and quantify the problem, and that will allow the campus to be the first to make full disclosure of its plastic use and to involve faculty, staff and students in devising strategies for dealing with it. The gathering and disclosure of the information is intended to drive both a broader awareness of the problem and a search for solutions that are cost-effective and environment-sparing to the university.

The effort will be managed by Campus Recycling and Refuse Services, in partnership with the school's Office of Sustainability.


To learn more about the: Plastic Disclosure Project

To read more about UC Berkeley's efforts: