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Cool Ideas for Quad Projects in Sept/October

This month is Coastal Cleanup Day and I know most Chapters already participate.  Please take note of the data gathering process and try to incorporate that into your regular cleanups if possible.  Once you have a few months or more of data you can start to analyze the main culprits and have stats to cite when looking for solutions.  Cig butts, foam pieces and plastic bags are often top items but maybe there are lots of straws, caps or other plastic items on the beach or washing up from a specific source that could be targeted.  You could tally the results yearly and send a press release out to your local media for increased coverage.  Click here for a sample cleanup data card from Chapternet.

In October there are some great youth empowerment seminars in the LA area.  Juli from the West LA/Malibu Chapter ( is organizing a RAP Speaker Program with activities and learning sessions on Saturdays in October.  It is looking to ‘train the trainer’ and get more people comfortable with giving quality plastic reduction presentations. 

Our friends at Algalita are also hosting a one-day youth summit on 10/27 with a similar theme and condensed agenda.

Our friends at Bag It recently got funding to provide their film and curriculum to 200 schools nationwide.  It’s open to grades 4-12 and they hope to spur more plastic reductions in schools in the process.  If you have kids in those grades or know any teachers that might be interested, check it out here.  There’s a contest component with great prizes as an extra incentive to get involved.