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World Oceans Day June 8th

This focus on youth is based on market research by The Ocean Project and others which clearly shows that youth are the most promising members of the public to reach out to if you want to effect lasting change.

Young people are the most knowledgeable and motivated segment of the population when it comes to the environment and its protection. Youth generally have the free time, familiarity with current issues, and the motivation to go out of their way to take environmental actions. Furthermore, the research shows that parents are increasingly looking to their tween and teenage (i.e. ages 12-17) children for information and advice on these issues.

We hope you will make a concerted effort to reach out to and collaborate with young people, helping inspire them to care for our world's ocean, now and throughout their lives.

We also encourage you to focus on a issue you find intriguing, or which has a special significance to your community. A few examples:

Youth: the Next Wave for Change
Ridding the Oceans of Plastic


Youth: the Next Wave for Change
Healthy Watersheds, Healthy Communities

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