The Surfrider Foundation: Protecting Oceans, Waves and Beaches since 1984

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Surfrider Foundation launched the QUAD youth service program in 2008 in response to overwhelming interest across the country from young people that wished to become more involved in Surfrider Foundation’s activities on their campuses and communities.  The program has a wide range of activities including organizing a club and initiatives based on project-based learning.  These range from beach clean ups to single use plastic free campus to greening your campus.   Project-based learning will help teach students in the following areas.

  • Essential content skills by presenting students with knowledge and concepts that can be immediately applied.
  • Creatively that allows students to construct something new- an idea, an interpretation, a new way of displaying what they have learned.
  • Critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and various forms of communication also referred to as 21st Century Skills.
  • The core idea of project-based learning is that real-world problems capture students' interest and provoke serious thinking as students acquire and apply new knowledge in a problem solving-context.

There is no shortage in characteristics of effective schools, but one of the most common is a high level of family and community involvement.  School Community Relation, the degree to which a school is engaged with its community typically sees a much higher level of student success. This statement speaks with our programs overall goal of involving students at an early age in civic engagement.  Surfrider Foundation's QUAD program provides a high degree of community and school involvement that also provides us with the opportunity to expand beyond the coastal zone. 

We appreciate your interest in engaging with the Surfrider Foundation and we hope that your involvement is enjoyable and fun.  Thank you.

The Surfrider Foundation’s is an international non-profit grassroots environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves and beaches, for all people, through engaged activism.  Founded in California in 1984 by a group of visionary surfers, today the Surfrider Foundation is one of the only grassroots environmental organizations focused on protecting coastal resources.  Over the past 27 years, Surfrider Foundation has grown an active grassroots membership and now supports tens of thousands of volunteers who give their time and talents every day to achieving coastal victories. 

The QUAD website was made possible through a generous donation from the Dillon Henry Foundation.  The Foundation was created in memory of Dillon Henry -- a surfer, teen activist and committed Surfrider supporter with a love of education.  To learn more about Dillon and the Dillon Henry Foundation please visit