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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a Surfrider School Club? Students, administrators and teachers can start a club at their local school.  Every district works a little differently, but most schools club programs have to be approved by the school administration first.  Visit your school office and ask questions about the process for getting a Surfrider Foundation club approved.    You can request Surfrider Foundation Club Criteria here You need to fulfill certain requirements in order to receive an official charter from us. 

Where do I find the club registration information? Once you've filled out the request form the criteria is emailed to you.  The criterion is extremely simple and consists of having one officer and a dedicated service project for the school year.

Do I need an advisor?  We do not require an advisor for high school clubs, but we encourage you to have one.  Many schools require you to have an advisor so please check with your school administration first.

Is there a cost to start a club?  There is a requirement that all clubs must sign up 20 paid Surfrider Foundation members.  We offer a student discount rate of $20 per member and each student receives a pair of earbuds along with their one-year membership.

Do I need to have parental waivers signed for all club members? Yes.  Anyone who participates at any sponsored or official Surfrider Foundation Club activity must signed the parental waiver form.  These can found by registering for our ChapterNET intranet support page at The waiver can be found under the "Programs" header - subheader "QUAD".

Can I start a club at my elementary school?  Students, teachers and administrators can start a club.  A teacher advisor is a requirement for starting a club at the elementary school level.   Any club activities planned outside of the school must have an adult chaperone present and all parents must sign all permission slips.  This is similar to typical school field trip requirements.