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Getting the beach clean
 Getting the beach clean  
Volunteers needed: 25

Project: Beach Preservation

South Orange County Beach Clean up

Doing a beach clean up is a wonderful way to spend a few hours at the beach and get community service hours!

Project Description

The Dana Hills High School Surfrider Foundation Club organized a beach clean up at Strands Beach.   The club conducts regular beach clean ups at this beach as means to educate beach users, clean the beach and it's a great way to get their needed community service hours.

Concrete Goals

Clean the beach

Document materials collected specific to plastic, styrofoam and cigrette buds

Recruit new volunteers off the beach to participate

Specific Plan

The club notified it's core members and had the school administration make an annoucement during school hours. 

All participates need to have their parents sign a waiver, which you get off the Surfrider Foundation's ChapterNET under the QUAD subheader

In most cases doing a beach clean up doesn't require anytype of specific permit, but you can check with whomever oversees the beach-- city, county, state parks and recreations departments.

If needed Surfrider Foundation Headquarters can provide specific one-day event insurance if it's required.  Please give them at least two weeks advanced notice.


Project Leaders

The event was lead by the Chair of the Dana Hills High School.  Lulu has been involved with the Surfrider Foundation from a very early age even though she's still in high school.  She's also surfs competitively. 

Promotion & Documentation

The event was promoted through the Surfrider Foundation's South Orange County Chapter website, membership list and social media.

We also promoted through the clubs social media outlets and at school functions.



Surfrider Foundation's South Orange County Chapter provided trash bags and a tent. 

All the trash collected was bagged and place near existing trash cans