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Project: Clean Water

Better Beach Bums

Be a Better Beach Bum

Project Description

The Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach is a common vacation spot for tourists visiting the area during the summer. Unfortunately, these visitors often leave behind more than their footprints on the beach when their vacation is over, forgetting that some of us call the beach our home. It's pretty common to find cans, sand toys, and other trash on the beach after the tourists go home at the end of every week. We would like to create an information packet/pamphlet that would be available to tourists upon their arrival in Sandbridge, outlining ways that they can help keep our beach clean, while still having a fun vacation. We would include upcoming activities happening in the area in the packets/pamphlets also. We would then deliver them to Siebert Realty, the main realty service that tourists go through to rent houses in Sandbridge.

Concrete Goals

--Create a pamphlet/informational packet outlining ways for tourists to ensure that they don't leave any litter on the beach upon their departure.

--Get the information to the visitors

Specific Plan

1) Create an informational packet, or pamphlet, outlining how tourists can help keep the beach clean.

2) Include upcoming events in the area in the packet/pamphlet.

3) Print and assemble the packets or pamphlets with volunteers.

4) Distribute the packets/pamphlets to Siebert Realty, the Sandbridge Market, and other common tourist stops in the area.

5) Recreate the pamphlets/packets every two weeks to update the upcoming events in the area, and redistribute.

6) Follow up with locals to see if they notice a change in the amount of litter on the beach each week, and track our progress on our blog.

Project Leaders

I'm a sixteen year old from Virginia Beach, Virginia. My dad's in the Navy, so I've lived in a lot of different places, but I've always called Virginia Beach home. Ever since I was little, I've been in the water, whether it was Back Bay (the bay behind the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach), or the ocean. Surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, bodyboarding, crabbing, and fishing are just some of the things that I do everyday I can with my three little sisters. I've been lucky enough to surf in an area that's pretty clean, and I plan to keep it that way for a long time.

Promotion & Documentation

We're going to create these information packets or pamphlets, and distribute them to the Sandbridge Market (Only Grocery store in Sandbridge), the Siebert Realty, and the local shops in Sandbridge that are common stops for tourists. Also, we would provide the URL for our YouTube page on the pamphlets, where we are going to post videos of how to have fun in Sandbridge while still respecting the beach. Also, we will be creating a blog so others can follow the progress of our project.


Computer and Internet access.
       Friends at Siebert Realty.
       Printing services.
       Volunteers to distribute/assemble the packets/pamphlets.