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Volunteers needed: 20

Project: Clean Water

Cal Poly Storm Drain Painting

Ocean Dumping Awareness

Project Description

In order to bring awareness to the fact that trash littered may lead to the ocean, Cal Poly Surfrider has painted 26 ocean-bound storm drains. Stencil over the drains read "No Dumping! Flows to Bay." Ocean storm drains were selected around the City of Grover Beach for this project.

Concrete Goals

To bring awareness to ocean dumping
Remind people that trash littered may lead to the ocean
Promote a cleaner living in a coastal town

Specific Plan

Designate which storm drains lead to the ocean
Aquire the appropriate supplies
Lay base coat of paint
Apply stencil over base coat

Project Leaders

Our project leaders are the student chairmen of the Cal Poly Surfrider Foundation college club. We have gained support from the San Luis Obispo Surfrider Foundation Chapter in our project and have been working along side them for several years.

Promotion & Documentation

The project was documented by local news station, KSBY News.


San Luis Obispo Surfrider Foundation assisted in providing the stencils while the City of Grover Beach provided the paint and other  supplies.