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Volunteers needed: 30


De-Nailing Nye Beach

Project Description

Pallet and construction debris is often illegally burned for bonfires at or around the Nye Beach area. Beach bonfires are fun, but when irresponsible about burning materials such as pallets, the result is a beach full of nails and dangerous pieces of metal and construction shards. We intend to use construction magnets for scheduled cleanups to remove existing nails from the beach and use those nails for an art project or installation to raise awareness about the issue.

Concrete Goals

Raise awareness about beach bonfires
Engage fellow students in awareness and stewardship
Minimum 2 cleanups at Nye Beach
Creation/Installation of art project with nails

Specific Plan

Specific plan:
     1) Schedule beach cleanups

       2) Create flyers and advertise to other school clubs

       3) Run Cleanups, collect nails

       4) Gather art supplies and brainstorm installation

       5) Work with art club on creation of art

       6) Install and do a press release on project

Project Leaders

Our project leaders are all students at Newport High School and working to form an official club. We are supported by the Newport Chapter of Surfrider Foundation and have been working with the chapter for several years.

Promotion & Documentation

We will be developing these resources as the project progresses.


We have a budget supported by the Newport Chapter of Surfrider Foundation to help finance our project. Additionally, the chapter will help in promoting our cleanup and resulting project/art installation.