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Volunteers needed: 10

Project: Clean Water

Isla Vista Ocean Friendly Garden Class

Project Description

The Associated Students Coastal Fund granted the Isla Vista Surfrider Foundation Club $900 to support their Ocean Friendly Gardens project.

Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG) is a program that promotes sustainable gardens that reduce run off into the ocean. IV Surfrider’s goal is to retrofit an Isla Vista garden into an OFG with the help of interested students and community members. Next Wednesday May 2nd, Surfrider will hold their first Ocean Friendly Gardens Basic Class to spread awareness about the importance of OFGs.

Concrete Goals

IV Surfrider is holding their OFG Basics Class on Wednesday May 2nd at 8 pm in the Graduate Student Lounge on the second floor of the Multicultural Center on the UCSB. IV Surfrider is hoping to contribute to the education of the community about pollution and conservation and to introduce the OFG concepts to those interested in helping with the retrofit. The class will focus on the importance of reducing water use for private and public landscapes by utilizing native plants and modified irrigation systems. The Basic Class will also highlight how to reduce contaminated water runoff to the oceans and other watersheds by incorporating permeable and water retentive soils and hardscapes.

Specific Plan

Project Leaders

Promotion & Documentation

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