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Project: Beach Preservation

Ohana Group Make a Difference Locally

Florida Youth Camp finds a way to engage youth in environmental activities.

Project Description

This weekly Ohana camp in Cocoa Beach, FL engages youth in a variety of activities:

Beach Clean Up activities collected over 25 bags of garbage from the beach, the dunes, and the crossovers near our camp!

During Tour of the Indian River Lagoon picked up garbage from the riverbed, observed natural habitats, learned about the runoff and garbage and how it affects the health of the waterways, and used SUPs to get to the shore along the river to pick up garbage along our stretch of the river.

During Sea Turtle education one of our counselors is teaching the kids about sea turtles and their nesting habits, habitats, the threats they face, their behavior, how they are affected by humans, and what we can do to keep them safe. The kids participated in a follow up "turtle egg hunt" activity where they searched for "turtle eggs" (ping pong balls) hidden all over the yard. This led into a discussion about how we NEVER touch the turtle eggs or baby turtles in real life.

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Specific Plan

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