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Volunteers needed: 10

Project: Beach Preservation

Operation Gulf

Clean beaches and waters along the gulf coast of Florida

Project Description

Tourists and Locals can volunteer time to help clean the beaches the beaches in Naples, FL area. It will raise awareness about the litter and dirty waters many people have caused.

Concrete Goals

Raise at lease 55$ and clean up at least 45% of litter on Naples Pier


Specific Plan

Raise awareness of litter and dirty water around the world while cleaning the environment making it better place. Leaders will pass out flyers, cards, etc. to people in the area to get them to help clean, the day before and of, one leader and a few(2 or 3) helpers can walk around the main streets of Naples collecting money from kind locals,
The other leader will guide the clean up, it will go on for however necessary or how much time volunteers can work.

Project Leaders

Rebecca Sawyer is originally from Nashville, Tennessee. She has been in the beautiful Naples area for over 15 years and really enjoys the beauty of the beach. Come help her and Emma get our beaches cleaned up!

Emma Sullivan was born and raised in wonderful Naples, Florida. The beach is a big part of her life, she found out about Surfrider on Causes and came up with the idea. She believes cleaning up the Gulf will make the Florida area a prettier, more attractive place to live in.

Promotion & Documentation

Hand out flyers to people in area, make a facebook page and send invites to the event, Give flyers to local and popular and restaurants, stores, attempt to get the press involved.


Local news, press coverage, facebook, articles, etc.