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Project: Clean Water

UNCW Surfrider Quad Club making large strides locally

UNCW Surfrider Quad Club very engaged in 2013/2014 school year.

Project Description

University of North Carolina Wilmington Surfrider has been very busy these past two semesters. We have been dedicated to countless causes, events, fundraisers and more the past semesters hopefully contributing to a greater appreciation and understanding for the impacts positive and negative we can have on the ocean. Here is a summary of just some of the things our club has accomplished:

Our story starts with University of North Carolina Wilmington’s first single-use water bottle free freshman move in.
With the help of UNCW Surfrider manning the hydration stations we were able to reduce the amount of water bottles used at move in from 8,400 to 0. This was a huge success and step in the right direction for the college.

Our next event was the annual Beach Blast followed by a beach sweep. Beach Blast is an annual gathering of all the students at one of the local beaches where we send off the last day of summer with tons of fun. This year we tabled at the event spreading the word of our recently developed petition to ban single use water bottles from being sold or distributed at UNCW. After the event we collected the litter left on the beach and dissposed of it properly.  We collected over 3 full bags of trash ranging from frisbess to left behind blow up duck floaties.

UNCW Surfrider has many education programs that we bring to local schools, depending on the age and size we bring different interactive, and educational lectures that promote Surfrider’s mission to protect and enjoy the oceans, beaches and waves. Below is a video to one of the programs done at a local school.

Our first sweep of 2014 was Valentines Day weekend. The ocean loves us so much and gives us so many salty kisses it seemed wrong not to treat the Atlantic to something special.  During this sweep we picked up over 600 pieces of garbage in less than an hour.

Concrete Goals

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