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Volunteers needed: 10

Project: Beach Access

University of Miami Beach Project

Although the beach is a 30 minute drive or less from just about everywhere in Miami, inner-city youth rarely go to the beach. The goal of the Surfrider Foundation and StreetWaves Foundation Partnership is to bring inner-city youth to the beach and introduce them to the sport of surfing and respecting the beach.

Project Description

Our project brought a group of inner-city youth to the beach and teach them to surf. We also brought a group of SurfriderUM general members that want to learn at our surf clinic that day. This will enhance interaction between UM students and the inner-city youth, making for a better learning experience and a better time at the beach for all.

Concrete Goals

1. Bring inner-city youths to have a fun day at the beach.

2. Teach inner-city youths and SurfriderUM general members to surf.

3. Start a partnership between the Streetwaves Foundation and SurfriderUM to hold surf clinics together.

Specific Plan

1. Interest in surf clinic from SurfriderUM general members.

2. Advertise for the surf clinic on campus.

3. Contact StreetWaves Foundation UM representative, Symon Rowlands, who used to be a general member of SurfriderUM.

4. Transportation to and from beach for all SurfriderUM members.

5. Waves!

Project Leaders

Promotion & Documentation