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Volunteers needed: 10


University of North Florida Pond Clean Up

UNFL Clean Up Campus Ponds

Project Description

On Sunday, April 14, 2013, 8 of our members showed their true dedication to keeping our world a clean and beautiful place by coming out to our 1st event which was a pond clean up on our campus; even though it meant battling some dreadful conditions and getting soaking wet! It was truly an amazing 1st event. We targeted the ponds on our campus because they are major focal points of our school and many of our student-members had noticed an abundance of trash lining the banks of these ponds while walking to class. It is hard to walk to class everyday and see all this trash right in front of everyones eyes. Our campus is a nature preserve and there are many species which live among these watering holes.

During our cleanup we encountered at least 5 nesting geese right on the banks of our campus ponds. We did an awesome job by removing just about every little piece of trash from the ponds, ensuring a safe and clean environment for the pond wildlife to thrive in. We must have had at least 12 huge garbage bags filled to the brim with plastic various forms of trash (plastic being the most common). We were lucky enough to have local clothing company, STRATA Clothing, donate a tank top to whomever collected the most trash. The winner of this tank top was Mariah Helm who made an amazing effort and amassed two huge trash bags filled with all kinds of garbage. We are also very thankful to the UNF Environmental Center who provided us with everything we needed to do the cleanup (trash bags, gloves, trash grabbers,  nets).

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