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Project: Beach Preservation

Viera High School Quad Club 2014 RAP Project

Viera Quad Club creates Rise Above Plastics Project from their beach clean up efforts.

Project Description

Over the course of the year, our surfrider team at Viera High School managed to complete several beach cleanups on the nearby coast.  During these cleanups, however, we asked our group to do something a little different; all of the items collected on the beach were to be sorted into plastics and trash.  After thoroughly cleansing the contents of the bag designated for plastics, our team broke out their hot glue guns and paints to create an extra-special display of both our hard work and dedication to keeping beaches clean.  Using the recyclables we had picked up off the beach in our annual project proved to be a meaningful and enjoyable task.  The resulting product--a symbolic starfish headed with the injunction "keep our beaches clean"--epitomizes the goals of the Surfrider Foundation that our team has stood for this past year.

Concrete Goals

Specific Plan

Project Leaders

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