Rincon Local Information

Surfrider has answered the call to monitor water quality for public health in Rincon. Despite suffering through the same ordeal that the rest of Puerto Rico has been experiencing - no electricity, blown out roofs, difficult access to clean drinking water - the members of the Rincón Surfrider Chapter, lead by their Blue Water Task Force Coordinator Steve Tamar, have made the connections necessary to get their water testing program back up and running so people have the information they need to know what water is safe and which water they need to avoid.  

There is a complete lack of agency-run water testing happening on the ground, and because of the excellent reputation the Rincón BWTF has built up over the years for their extensive efforts towards providing credible and consistent water quality information at area beaches and in freshwater sources,  Steve was able to arrange to bring the chapter’s water testing equipment to the Costa Salud Community Health Center in the middle of town where there is electricity to get their lab equipment hooked up and operating.   The Rincón Chapter is also receiving support from the local RBC Maria Relief center, which now functions as the chapter’s office and volunteer sign-up/message box until the necessary repairs and cleaning will allow the chapter office to re-open. Bacteria testing for both marine and freshwater is being performed with EPA-approved IDEXX methodology, and the Chapter is also testing out the usefulness of other lower tech tests that do not require electricity to provide valuable water safety information. 

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Check out the whole story in Surfrider's Coastal Blog Post. For inquiries about the program, contact Steve Tamar at