Ventura County Local Information

Surfrider's Ventura County Chapter has teamed up with Foothill Technology High School's to conduct their water quality testing program. This program gives students an opportunity to learn about local water quality concerns and contribute directly to important community information on the safety of Ventura’s beaches. 

In recent years, concerns over water quality have surfaced during the winter months when the Ventura County Department of Health is sampling less frequently. Recreational use of ocean beaches often increases during the winter months, and surfers who enjoy winter storm swells are often exposed to pollution brought to the beach by stormwater and urban runoff.  The Ventura Chapter’s new BWTF water testing program will help meet the local community’s need for year-round water quality information so surfers and other ocean recreationists can protect themselves from being exposed to poor water quality conditions that can cause ocean illness.

The chapter is testing five locations for bacteria to supplement the Ventura County Department of Health’s Water Quality Monitoring Program. Shannon Shoup, the Blue Water Task Force Coordinator for the Ventura Chapter has been coordinating with the County to ensure the chapter’s water sampling methodology and schedule best compliments the County’s existing program,  producing impactful data for beachgoers in Ventura County.

If you are interested in learning more about Ventura County Chapter's BWTF, please contact Shannon Shoup at