Miami Local Information

Program Goal: To augment the Florida Healthy Beaches Program, which samples beaches within Miami Dade County in the beginning of the week. Surfrider Miami samples those same locations towards the end of the week, providing more up-to-date water quality information to protect public health at the beach. 

Local Partners: Miami Chapter volunteers collect water samples and bring them to the lab within First Surf Shop to be processed. 

Sampling Frequency & Season: Weekly, Year-Round 

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State Beach Water Quality Monitoring Information: Florida Deptartment of Health in Miami/Dade County 

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Local BWTF Program Sponsors: Ballyhoo Media

Other Relevant Water Quality Information: 

Miami Waterkeeper Water Quality Testing Program (Data on SwimGuide)

Map and current status of Red Tides (marine water) monitored by Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Algal bloom samping results (fresh water) from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.