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Support AB 1276: Make Foodware Accessories Available Upon Request in CA!

10 • 05 • 2021

Support AB 1276: Make Foodware Accessories Available Upon Request in CA!

Victory! California Governor signs AB 1276 into law to reduce unwanted waste by opting-in for foodware accessories.

Most Americans have a drawer in their house brimming with unused plastic utensils, plastic straws, and condiments. Currently, most restaurants automatically add these items into takeout and delivery food orders. This costs the restaurant money, even though the items are often unwanted. 

Governor Newsom signed this legislation on October 5, 2021. The law requires a city, county, or city and county, on or before June 1, 2022, to authorize an enforcement agency to enforce these requirements.

AB 1276 significantly reduces unnecessary waste and saves businesses and local governments money. This law builds upon the successes of local ordinances and would expand the straw upon request law to include other single-use food accessories such as utensils, straws, stirrers, and condiments to be given to consumers only upon request. This law also covers food facilities and third-party food delivery platforms. 

The Surfrider Foundation worked closely with the bill co-sponsors, allies, and coalitions to advocate for this legislation through our chapters and powerful grassroots activist network.

Check out Surfrider Foundation’s Comprehensive Foodware Policy Toolkit for detailed information about other important foodware policies aimed at reducing plastic pollution.