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The WRAP Act

The WRAP Act

Reduce the amount of waste entering our ocean by improving and expanding access to recycling infrastructure by passing the Washington Recycling And Packaging Act

Passing the Washington Recycling And Packaging (WRAP) Act (HB 1131 / SB 5154) would help address many of the challenges our state face with plastic pollution and marine debris through a variety of tactics and requirements: 

  • Require producers of consumer packaging to pay for recycling services in Washington
  • Establish recycling and reuse targets for producers and set transparency requirements fo responsible recycling 
  • Expand recycling services to all households that have curbside garbage collection 
  • Create a standardized list of what is recyclable statewide, eliminating confusion and reducing wastestream contamination 
  • Incentivize design changes to reduce unnecessary packaging and opt for more sustainable/reusable materials 
  • Create a beverage deposit system, allowing consumers to return bottles and cans at for 10 cents
  • Implement truth in labeling, banning deceptive claims about the recyclability of products
  • Update recycled content requirements, which will increase demand for recycled products 

For more information, check out our WRAP Act one-pager 

Surfrider Washington will work with our partners in the Plastic Free WA / WA Sin Plástico Coalition to pass this important bill during the 2023 legislative session.