Ban Polystyrene Food Wares in Plymouth, MA!

Active | January 21 2019

Plastic Pollution

The Massachusetts Chapter is working with Plymouth residents to ban polystyrene food service wares in the town.

The Chapter is roviding close support to local activists trying to implement a polystyrene ban via Board of Health regulations. Right now the draft language is along the lines of:

a)           Nothing in this regulation prohibits customers from using containers of any type that they bring to Food Establishments themselves to contain any food or beverage they are acquiring.

b)           No Food Establishment shall use Disposable Food Containers made from Polystyrene to prepare, heat, store, serve, transport, or provide food or beverages to customers.

c)            Retail establishments are prohibited from selling or distributing EPS (foam) polystyrene or polystyrene food service ware to customers.

d)           Retail establishments are prohibited from selling or distributing polystyrene foam packing material  to customers.

The Chapter worked with our Northeast Regional Manager and Plastics Team to offer feedback on best practices for polystyrene ordinances, and was asked to submit a letter reviewing scientific data on the health effects of polystyrene. The chapter will also submit written testimony in advance of the Board of Health's 2/13 public meeting.

Plastic Pollution

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