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Big Wave Development

Victory | August 08 2012

Coastal Preservation

The Big Wave Wellness Center and Office Park was a proposed mixed-use development project including an office park, parking lot, storage, farming, light industrial facilities, and residential units for developmentally disabled adults. The project was proposed to be a 225,000 square foot, 45 1/2 foot tall development proposed next to and on top of the Pillar Point Marsh.

The Surfrider Foundation San Mateo County Chapter worked with the Committee for Green Foothills and a host of other groups and individuals to bring our environmental concerns to light and stop this project.

Although some aspects of the development were admirable -- such as housing for developmentally disabled adults, incorporating alternative energy sources, and proposed reuse of water reclaimed onsite -- there were some serious flaws that rendered this development inappropriate as proposed and, if built, this project would have had some serious impacts on our coast.

These potential environmental impacts include:
- development of historical wetlands
- increased surface water runoff
- water quality degradation

Coastal Preservation

Beaches are a unique and dynamic landscape that should be protected for the future. The Surfrider Foundation is leading efforts at the state and local levels to protect our shorelines on every coast. Our efforts are focused on establishing appropriate setbacks for development, opposing shoreline structures, and placing coastal lands in public trust.

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