San Diego County

City of San Diego Urban Runoff Management: Restrictions on Residential Over-Watering

Victory | January 03 2008

Clean Water

While significant strides have been made in recent years to control urban runoff from construction sites and industrial facilities, commercial and residential polluters have been too often overlooked. In particular, municipalities have been reluctant to require individual homeowners to abate the clearly wasteful practice of irrigation over-watering, despite the negative impacts to water supply and the fact that runoff from lawns and gardens consistently transmit bacteria, nutrient, and pesticide wastes to sensitive water bodies throughout the region. On January 22, 2008, at the request of the Surfrider Foundation and San Diego Coastkeeper, an ordinance limiting residential over-watering was added to San Diego’s Jurisdictional Urban Run-off Management Plan (JURMP). Each city has to establish a JURMP to comply with the regional Municipal Stormwater Permit and the federal Clean Water Act (CWA). Securing this addition prohibition was monumental in that it sends a message to the entire region that we can no longer allow wasteful and polluting practices, regardless of whether they arise from businesses or private homes.

Clean Water

Everyone should have access to clean water to surf, swim and play in. The Surfrider Foundation is taking a multi-tiered approach to tackle ocean pollution problems. We are testing the waters for bacteria and toxins, raising public awareness and finding real solutions to ocean pollution; solutions that restore healthy watersheds, protect local water supplies and keep pollution from reaching the ocean.

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