02 • 26 • 2019

Maine: let’s improve coastal resiliency to protect our beaches!

The Maine Chapter is working with our Northeast Regional Manager to support the passage of two bills that would address coastal resiliency to protect Maine's beaches and shorelines, and plan for nearshore infrastructure in the face of rising seas and increased storm surge.

A public hearing was held on Friday, March 1, 2019 for both LD590, An Act to Promote Climate Resiliency Measures to Protect Beaches and Near-shore Infrastructure and LD774, An Act To Protect Maine's Beaches and Shoreline; read our testimony here.

A work session was held on March 8, 2019 where the Committee tabled both bills.

LD590 was subsequently reported out unfavorably, and was killed on June 3, 2019.

LD774 remains under consideration, and is scheduled for a work session on January 17, 2020 at 10AM.


This bill amends the State's coastal management policies laws to ensure that those policies address the effects of coastal erosion on the State's beaches and shoreline and ensure the health of the State's beaches and shoreline for habitat protection for coastal wildlife species and for protection against storms.

The bill also creates an advisory group on beach management, to be convened by the Commissioner of Environmental Protection for the purpose of developing and recommending objectives, strategies, legislation and other actions to mitigate coastal erosion in the State and to keep beaches healthy for storm protection, habitat protection for coastal wildlife species and for recreational use.

The group is directed to review the report titled “Integrated Beach Management Program Working Group Report,” dated January 2017 and submitted to the Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources in the First Regular Session of the 128th Legislature, update the data and findings contained in that report, if necessary, and review and update the specific recommendations for legislative, regulatory or other actions contained in that report, if necessary. No later than February 15, 2020, the commissioner is required to submit a report to the Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources containing the findings and recommendations of the group following its review of the 2017 report, including any proposed legislation necessary to implement those recommendations. After reviewing the report, the committee may report out legislation to implement those recommendations.


There is still time to offer support by emailing the Environment and Natural Resources Committee.

Please give us a shout for talking points and/or to get more involved in our work in Maine.

You can also volunteer with our chapter and join/renew your Surfrider membership to BEST support our work in Maine.


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