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NJ Now Posting Warnings After One High Bacteria Test

Victory | June 01 2012

Clean Water

The Surfrider Foundation criticized the State of NJ for not posting warnings or closing beaches after water testing revealed a high level of bacteria. NJ would re-test and only close a beach if there were high bacteria readings two days in a row, which almost never happened. The state has now decided to post warnings after one high test for bacteria at any given site. Surfrider staff in the Northeast worked on this. It was not a campaign driven by Chapters.

Clean Water

Everyone should have access to clean water to surf, swim and play in. The Surfrider Foundation is taking a multi-tiered approach to tackle ocean pollution problems. We are testing the waters for bacteria and toxins, raising public awareness and finding real solutions to ocean pollution; solutions that restore healthy watersheds, protect local water supplies and keep pollution from reaching the ocean.

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