Protect Beach Access, Wells!

Active | January 09 2019

Beach Access

The Maine Chapter is working with our Northeast Regional Manager and Legal Fellow to take corrective action in the town of Wells to protect public access to the beach at Public Way #2.

When complaints about a persistent blockage of public access to the beach at Public Way #2 in Wells surfaced, the Maine Chapter worked with our staff to issue a letter to the Town Manager, asking for him to take corrective action to restore access and prevent the issue from recurring.

After a couple back and forths, it became clear that the Town Manager believed this unlawful blockage to be an insignificant concern, and had no intentions of solving the recurring issue permanently. 

We responded with a letter to the Board of Selectmen, calling for them to help ensure proper public access, and have since received a response from Wells Town Attorney indicating that the town is investigating the installation of a gate that would be mounted on a spring hinge so it could be moved during flooding incidents for public access purposes. 

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Beach Access

Our beaches mean so much to us. They are where we live, where we work, and where we come to play. Our beaches are the entryway to our ocean and we believe that beaches should be accessible to everyone. This is why our network of staff experts, volunteers, and members are determined to keep our beaches accessible for all to enjoy.

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