12 • 03 • 2021

Protect Public Parking at Keawakapu Beach

County of Maui take over public parking at Keawakapu Beach.

Private company Ruby & Sons has operated the public parking lot at South Maui's Keawakapu parking lot under a state revocable permit since 2012. Unfortunately, Ruby & Sons has been accused of harassing residents and fishermen, while also removing public parking signs. Because of these ongoing issues, over 100 community members and Maui County Council representatives testified against the renewal of the company's 50-year lease of the parking lot at a Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) hearing on October 8, 2021. Maui County residents have also expressed concerns about previous attempts to block public beach access in the area and a chronic lack of parking along South Kihei Road for residents. The Maui Chapter and community members are thus encouraging the Department of Land and Natural Resources to turn over the parking lot to Maui County who would  then oversee the maintenance of the parking lot and ensure that it remains free and public. 

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