09 • 01 • 2019

Puget Sound Nutrient Reduction

Our goal on this campaign is to reduce nutrients and other pollution from wastewater treatment plants discharging to Puget Sound by implementing advanced nutrient-reduction technology as quickly as possible and in an equitable manner, including a strong Puget Sound Nutrient General Permit.

Nutrient pollution impacts salmon and shellfish by decreasing oxygen and worsening acidification, and can impact recreational enjoyment by stimulating harmful algal blooms. Communities from Shelton to Sequim to Spokane have already invested in these technologies – 16 of the 67 treatment plants discharging to marine waters upgraded to this modern technology, including the Olympia area in the 1980s. As aquatic recreational enthusiasts, we have a vested interest in improving the health of the Puget Sound & Salish Sea marine ecosystem. Learn more about this issue by visiting the Washington Regional Coastal Blog

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