12 • 27 • 2016

Restore Miami Beach Parking

Parking to access this beach is a challenge for Miami Beach residents and visitors alike. The difficulties of parking have only been compounded by the removal of over sixty public parking spaces by the City in collaboration with a private developer. The Miami Chapter seeks to have those sixty parking spaces, or sixty equivalent spaces, restored immediately.

A private developer has, in collaboration with the City of Miami Beach, taken over 60+ oceanfront public parking spaces out of public use. The same company has blocked a public beach access walkover and impacted public shower facilities. The Miami Beach Chapter is committed to maintaining pubic beach access, including parking, to make sure that the beach is accessible for everyone. The Miami Chapter is calling on the City Commission to restore all beach access and public parking between 32nd-36th Streets.

In December, the Chapter was able to work with local developers to release the public parking spaces and return them to the general public for use.

Beach Access