05 • 09 • 2019

Skip the Straw, Stamford!

The Connecticut Chapter worked with our Northeast Regional Manager and the Stamford Board of Representatives to pass a local single-use plastic straw reduction ordinance.


On March 2, 2020 the Stamford Board of Representatives voted unanimously to approve a single-use plastic straws on demand ordinance, which will go into effect in three months in June 2020.

While the final ordinance is an ask first policy and not a ban on single-use straws, and it does not prevent self-service straw stations as recommended, the language includes bioplastic in the purview of plastic straws which must be requested instead of automatically dispensed, which is a good first step. 


The Stamford Board of Representatives initially deliberated a new ordinance that would ban single-use plastic straws, city-wide. The draft ordinance was submitted on April 22, 2019 and was considered by the Legislative and Rules subcommittee of the Board

The ordinance initially sought to ban single-use plastic straws in all food and beverage establishments in Stamford.

The chapter and our Northeast Regional and Plastic Pollution Managers, along with our legal staff, reviewed the proposed ordinance and offered feedback on the language and policy mechanisms. We recommended removing the word “non-biodegradable” from the preamble, so as not to unintentionally incentivize so-called “biodegradable” plastic straws, which do not degrade in the marine ecosystem, nor in terrestrial settings without specific conditions being met, and so are not a viable alternative to plastic straws.

The Regular Meeting of the 30th Board of Representatives of the City of Stamford was held on Monday, June 3, 2019, at 8:00 p.m., in the Legislative Chambers of the Board of Representatives in the Government Center, 888 Washington Boulevard, 4th Floor, Stamford, Connecticut (agenda). Stamford residents were encouraged to email their Board Representative with support for LR30.065, concerning the Use of Single-Use Plastic Straws and Stirrers by Food or Beverage Establishments. 

On September 17, 2019, our Northeast Regional Manager and Chapter Chair attended a Legislative and Rules committee meeting, where our Regional Manager provided expert witness to the Committee regarding straw policies.

For more information and to engage on similar issues in Connecticut, please reach out to Stamford resident and CT Chapter Chair, Jack Egan

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