Support SB 83 – The Sea Level Rise Revolving Loan Act

Support SB 83 (Allen) – The Sea Level Rise Revolving Loan Act

This bill was vetoed on October 7, 2021 by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

The consequences of failing to adapt to sea level rise will be profoundly damaging to California’s economy, coastal communities and marine environments. While the state can outline goals and intentions, without the ability and buy-in from local governments to implement proactive adaptation strategies, we will lose our beaches, witness loss of home and property in the communities least able to bear such loss, and otherwise be left to watch as the coming disasters unfold.

SB 83 would alleviate this tension by establishing a fund for local governments to buy properties at risk of SLR in the next one or two decades. SB 83 also allows local governments to buy the time and ability to strategize in ways necessary to preserving California’s beloved coast and maintaining coastal access equity into the future.   

SB 83 is a truly forward-thinking bill in a time when long-term planning has been in short supply and offers much needed hope by providing a real solution to the sea level rise crisis.

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