Supporting NE Ocean Plan Implementation

Active | December 07 2016

Ocean Protection

Our five New England chapters are working with our Northeast Regional Manager to support the implementation of the Northeast Regional Ocean Plan.

The Northeast Regional Ocean Plan was certified on December 7, 2016.

The Plan is the culmination of four years of hard work and collaboration by state, federal, and tribal representatives, with robust public input from thousands of ocean and coastal stakeholders, such as the Surfrider Foundation.

Tourism and recreation is the number one economic driver in our coastal communities; it's the single largest contributing sector to New England's ocean economy. The Plan affords opportunity for decision-makers to facilitate the continued growth and protection of this valuable industry, which is reliant upon healthy ocean and coastal ecosystems to thrive. YOU can engage by joining our NE Regional Ocean Planning email list to keep abreast of opportunities.

Surfrider will continue to be a key stakeholder in the ocean planning process as we help usher forth this paradigm shift in ocean management, away from making decisions in a vacuum and toward ecosystem-based management. We will continue to participate in the public process to represent environmentally minded ocean recreational uses and help connect coastal community members to actions that will shape the future of the sea, including through working on diverse topics and projects covering ocean acidification, sand mining, plastic pollution, offshore energy and more.

You can help facilitate our work by joining or renewing your Surfrider membership, today!

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Catch this short clip from our friends at Green Fire Productions, creators of the ocean stewardship film series Ocean Frontiers, to learn more about why YOU and others who love the sea should get involved in this public process to help develop a regional vision for what WE want to see as the future of New England's ocean, waves & beaches:

Ocean Protection

The Surfrider Foundation works to protect our ocean and address the dangers to it, today and in the future. Our Ocean Protection Initiative includes grassroots campaigns to establish and support Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), oppose new offshore oil drilling and seismic testing, participate in regional ocean planning, and ensure renewable ocean energy does not damage our ocean.

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