Surf Access Expansion at Good Harbor Beach

Active | January 02 2019

Beach Access

The MA Chapter is working with the Cape Ann Surfers Union to advance a proposal to expand summer surfing access at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester MA.

Volunteers from the MA chapter have drafted and submitted a letter of testimony to the Gloucester City Council, highlighting important benefits that surfers bring to local communities, like Gloucester. These include increased environmental awareness and a commitment to protecting public outdoor spaces, economic benefits to local restaurants and retailers, and improved safety for all beach users through more eyes and boards in the water.

The Gloucester City Council held a public hearing on the expanded surfing proposal at their 7PM meeting on 2/25/2020, which was well attended. 

A presentation on the proposal was provided, and then the floor was opened to maximum 3-minute comments from anyone who wishes to speak. 

The Cape Ann Surfers Union and Surfrider volunteers are now in the process of reviewing a draft revised proposal, gathering additional input, and discussing summer options to then  submit their own proposal to the City's Director of Public Works Director, Mike Hale. Mike and his staff are responsible for drafting a trial regulation change for summer 2020.

Please visit the chapter's website FMI!

Beach Access

Our beaches mean so much to us. They are where we live, where we work, and where we come to play. Our beaches are the entryway to our ocean and we believe that beaches should be accessible to everyone. This is why our network of staff experts, volunteers, and members are determined to keep our beaches accessible for all to enjoy.

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