United States Supreme Court Upholds Beach Access in Florida

Victory | June 03 2010

Beach Access

The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Public Trust Doctrine and public beach access, following the main arguments from the Surfirder Foundation amicus brief in the "Stop the Beach Renourishment v. Florida Department of Environmental Protection" case. The local Emerald Coast Chapter and the surrounding community are happy to see their objectives for beach access were well-served. This Supreme Court decision has given the state the authority to act in the interest of the public trust, enabling any person to walk along the water’s edge on this taxpayer-funded sand. The Chapter remains concerned, as are the other ten Chapters across the state, with the open-ended issues arising from the beach access provisions of the beach management program, located in Chapter 161 of the Florida Revised Statutes.

Beach Access

Our beaches mean so much to us. They are where we live, where we work, and where we come to play. Our beaches are the entryway to our ocean and we believe that beaches should be accessible to everyone. This is why our network of staff experts, volunteers, and members are determined to keep our beaches accessible for all to enjoy.

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